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Happy Valentine’s Shabbat! – Jewtewb

In honor of Shabbat and Valentine’s day, here are some heart-shaped challahs that you can make to recognize both holidays.

We featured this heart-shaped challah from the Challah Sisters in our previous post, Ten Ways to Jew Up Your Valentine’s Day:

heart shaped challah

And we love these interlocking challah hearts from the Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers:

heart challah

They used a beet dye on half of the strands to color them red.

The Challah Blog gives great instructions for braiding this heart-shaped challah:

raw challah

Once baked, it looks delicious!

challah heart

And here are directions from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner for a Heart-Shaped Pull-Apart Challah:

pull apart heart challah

Don’t forget to put out an appropriate Valentine’s Day card with your challah!

nice tuches card

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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