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10 Ways to Jew Up Your Valentine’s Day – Jewtewb

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year the big day falls on Shabbat. Given it’s already a double mitzvah to romance your partner on Shabbas, add a Valentine’s Day shtup to the mix and it’s pretty much a triple letter score day! Here are our top 10 suggestions for setting the mood.

1. Make your partner a heart-shaped challah

This challah recipe is from the Challah Sisters.

heart shaped challah

2. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

Chocolate can only add to any celebration. Both Godiva and Ghirardelli sell kosher chocolate.


3. Booze

Some kosher wine will put you both in the mood. For a review of the top kosher wines, see No Whining About These Wines.


4. Jewelry never hurts

We love this Satya Jewelry Hamsa and Peridot Triple Chain Necklace.

hamsa necklace

And this Satya Jewelry Hamsa Yellow Gold Triple Pendant Necklace With Amethyst.

hamsa charms

5. Pull out that copy of Fifty Shades of Oy Vey: A Parody

Read the sexiest passages aloud to each other in a thick Yiddish accent. And who knows…you may learn a new trick or two!

fifty shades of oy vey

6. Put on these boxer shorts

jewish boxers

and this thong

jewish thong

to show your appreciation.

7. Screen a romantic Jewish film or two. Our faves:

Crossing Delancey
(Love the Bubbe!)

crossing delancey

The Jazz Singer – 25th Anniversary Edition
(Love Neil)

the jazz singer

The Way We Were (Special Edition)
(C’mon, it’s Barbra, and a yummy young Robert Redford)

the way we were

Kissing Jessica Stein
(Because girls just want to have fun, too!)

kissing jessica stein

 9. Delight each other with a steamy couple’s massage

Light some candles (the Hanukkah leftovers should do the trick) and anoint your mate with this heavenly Dead Sea Massage Oil.

dead sea oil

10. Enough already! Get into bed and start making mitzvot

Keep it kosher in the bedroom with this 100% Kosher duvet cover from CafePress.

100% Kosher Duvet Cover

Happy Valentine’s day!


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