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Dress Up Like Royalty This Purim – Jewtewb

Dressing in costume is a Purim tradition that dates back hundreds of years and is based on a variety of reasons. Some believe we “hide” behind costumes and masks as a way of commemorating the hidden miracles the Jews experienced. Another theory is that when Jews give to the poor, they should hide their identity to minimize the recipient’s embarrassment. Others believe that dressing up in royal garments like those of the King and his queens is a nod to the characters of the Purim story. And of course, everyone can agree that dressing up brings more joy and partying to any Purim celebration.

Here are some great ways you can look the part and get in on the royal-good fun:

Queen Esther

What better way to pay homage to our Purim heroine than with this Queen Esther Costume:

Queen Esther Costume

Along with the dress, you can further channel Esther’s look with this 80s style dark, curly wig that doubles as generic Jewish woman hair:

Jewish Curly Hair Wig

The Zebra shirt and sunglasses optional, but Esther was a progressive woman, so why not!

King Ahasuerus

Show-off being the ruler of your kingdom with a nod to the friend of Jews, King Ahasuerus. Throw on your Stately Velvet King’s Cape:

King Ahaseurus Robe

And top it off with your Regal King Crown:
King Crown

Or favorite Royal King’s Hat:

King's Crown

And don’t forget your Royal Scepter:


And rule over the kingdom that is your Purim celebration!


For those of you who wish to explore your bad boy side, why not risk the wrath of your fellow Jews and celebrate Purim dressed as it’s very own villain Haman? To make your own Haman costume, you’ll need this hat:

Haman Three-Corner Hat

Your darkest Purple King’s Robe:

Haman Purple Robe

And if you still don’t look mean enough, you can always throw on this Haman Mask:

Haman Mask

Just make sure not to look in the mirror or you’ll wish you could forget your own name.

The Court Jester

No royal party would be complete without a trusty court jester to keep the fun going all night. Try this Court Jester Costume:

Unisex Court Jester Adult Costume

Or this Mardi Gras Masquerade Court Jester Costume for more coverage:

Men's Court Jester Costume



As it is customary to hide one’s identity on Purim, you can always keep it simple and opt for one of these Set of 3 Foam Purim Masks:

Set of Purim Masks

Choose from Mordechai, Esther, or Haman, or switch it up over the course of the night! Keep your identity hidden but your mouth free to nosh on all the Hamentaschen you can find.

Queen of Hearts

What does Alice in Wonderland have to do with Purim? Not much. But we still love this Queen Of Hearts Costume as a way of commemorating how Esther and her fellow Jews won the heart of her King.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Modern Day Royalty

Mix it up this Purim with some modern-day royal looks starting with everyone’s favorite princess Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton

Glam up your look with Kate’s iconic Sapphire Engagement Ring:

Kate Middleton Sapphire Ring

Or this spiffy Fascinator:

Kate Middleton Fascinator
Still looking to up the Kate factor? Leave no doubts about your costume with this remarkably convincing Kate Middleton Mask:

Kate Middleton Mask

And always bring your prince along for the celebration:

Prince William Royal Wedding CostumePip pip cheerio!

Musical Royalty

Let’s not forget our favorite musical “kings” on Purim. Forget the King of Persia…you will dazzle your friends when you show up as the King of Rock n’ Roll or Pop!

Get all shook up in this Deluxe Elvis Costume:

Elvis Costume

Or prepare to break out your moonwalk in this Michael Jackson Costume:

Michael Jackson Costume

Whichever costume you choose, have fun indulging your inner drama queen (or king)!


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