Looking for a Jewish Elf on the Shelf?

Kippah Kantor

Look no further than the Kippah Kantor or the Mensch on a Bench!


Kippah Kantor is a Jewish alternative to the popular Elf on a Shelf, the elves sent to Christian households from the North Pole each holiday season to watch over children and report back to Santa Claus. The elves are a great incentive for good behavior! Each morning kids wake up to search for their elf. The elves only move around during the night, popping up in a different spot each morning.

The Kippah Kantor plush doll comes with a book. In the story, kids learn that they are rewarded with their own Kippah Kantor for being a good person and doing good deeds. Kids give a name to their Kippah Kantor, and must continue to perform mitzvahs to keep him. To create excitement, each night the Kippah Kantor finds a new location in the house to hide.

The goal is for the Kippah Kantor to help Jewish families have fun learning about and doing mitzvahs. Kippah Kantor is a great way to create holiday memories and a fantastic gift for Hanukkah!

Available on Amazon, at Kippah Kantor, and at Learning Express Toy Stores.

You can also add some “funakkah” to your Hanukkah with the Mensch on a Bench.


Moshe the Mensch is a 12-inch plush figure who also comes with a book. “The Mensch on a Bench” tells the story of how Moshe was in the temple when Judah and the Maccabees won the war against the Greeks. There was only enough oil for one night, and someone was needed to watch over the Menorah while everyone slept. Moshe the Mensch did it!


The Mensch on a Bench has turned out to be a hot toy this year! The dolls are available to pre-order for next spring.

Get your own Kippah Kantor or Mensch on a Bench and join in a new Hanukkah tradition!

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