Check Out “The Book of Ruth” Animated Short for Shavuot

Book Of Ruth Image

Just in time for Shavuot, G-dcast has released a new animated short film, “The Book of Ruth.”

book of ruth image

The Book of Ruth is traditionally read on the second day of Shavuot. The book is about a Moabite woman who, after her husband dies, follows her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi, into the Jewish people. Ruth converted to Judaism, and as Shavuot commemorates the acceptance of the Torah by the Jewish people, the Book of Ruth is thought to be significant as it describes the acceptance of the Torah by a single individual.

Singer-songwriter Alicia Jo Rabins took the story of Ruth and turned it into a beautiful song, beginning the chorus with Ruth’s words to Naomi: “And where you go I’ll go/where you live will be my home.” As Shavuot also marks the beginning of the harvest season, the lovely imagery in G-dcast’s film takes place in fields and threshing rooms.

Ruth Meets Boaz

For Shavuot, G-dcast also offers The Ten Commandments, a fun and rocking music video by musician and educator Naomi Less.

ten commandments

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