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Not Your Bubbe’s Ketubah – Modern Ketubah Choices for Your Wedding – Jewtewb

There are so many ketubah options available for brides now, from intricate paper cutouts and lovely watercolors to ketubahs made from couples’ own special photographs. Today you can also find ketubahs in a variety of materials, such as canvas prints to those incorporating metals and various fabrics. More couples are seeing the ketubah not just as a wedding document but as a beautiful piece of art to display in their homes after the wedding.

Here are some examples of ketubahs in different styles and materials:

Photo Ketubahs

This Modern Photo Ketubah Canvas is available from Etsy:

Photo Canvas ketubah

It measures 18 x 24 inches and can be signed during the ceremony with a permanent sharpie marker, then featured as part of the decor at the wedding.

Ketubah Studio by MP Artworks will also take a special photograph – i.e., a place you both love to visit, where you became engaged – and use it to create a Custom Photo Ketubah.

Here are a few examples:

photo ketubah

photo ketubah

Papercut Ketubahs

Aliza Freedman is an artist who creates amazing papercut ketubahs and other items. Here are a few examples of her gorgeous ketubahs:

Papercut ketubah

papercut ketubah

Gallery Judaica also offers several beautiful Papercut Ketubahs by Danny Azouley:

paper ketubah

paper ketubah

Watercolor Ketubahs

This pretty Watercolor Ketubah by Gad Admaliah is available on Ketubahs and More:

watercolor ketubah

This beautiful Round Watercolor Ketubah is available from Ketubah Spirit. It depicts a ring of richly colored star signs around the classic text:

watercolor round ketubah

Other Materials

This ketubah featuring hand-cut embossed silver alloy surrounding the text is available from Ketubahs and More:

metal alloy ketubah

This Crimson Home Blessing Ketubah from Ketubah.com is printed on beautiful Japanese washi paper embedded with silk threads. The Hebrew letter “shin,” which signifies a name of G-d, is written in several Kanji, a centuries-old letterform that originated from China. Left to right they read “trust” or “faith,” “genuine,” and “heart.”

silk ketubah

The intricate tile pattern of this Andalusia Ketubah giclee available on Judaism.com evokes the Iberian peninsula:

Andalusia ketubah

And this stunning Ketubah Giclee from Ketubah.com is a print of an original artwork collection of pigmented and preserved gingko leaves arranged around the ketubah text:

gingko ketubah

For more examples and ketubah inspiration, see our Pinterest board for Ketubahs.


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