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Jewish Holidays in a Box! – Jewtewb

Want to make celebrating Jewish holidays easier and more fun? Check out Jewish Holidays in a Box. The site offers many easy-to-use resources for the various Jewish holidays. In addition to child-friendly activities and games, there are also guides with basic holiday information plus organizational tips, checklists and cheat sheets for making your holiday prep easier.

Jewish Holidays in a box

The downloadable Passover guide will help you plan an easy Seder and find fun ways to involve children.

Celebrate Passover

The guide contains basic Passover concepts such as the meaning of the Seder symbols, as well as tips on how to organize the Seder around 15 steps, set the Seder table, and engage children at the Seder. There is also a Seder shopping list to take to the grocery store and suggestions for what to cook ahead.

You will also receive two audio bonuses: a Seder planning overview and a Passover blessings tutorial.

Jewish Holidays in a Box is coming out with a Passover Seder Game for this year.

They also offer a Celebrate Shabbat guide:

Celebrate Shabbat

as well as items for other Jewish holidays.

Check it out!


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