How to Raise a Jewish Dog

Happy Chanukah Dog Hoodie Sweater

Have a dog?  Or thinking about getting one?  Just follow these simple instructions to turn your MUTT into an M.O.T.!

1. Buy How to Raise a Jewish Dog


This book addresses the question “why are Jewish dogs different from all other dogs?” According to the book’s description, the authors “have developed the essential dog training program for raising a Jewish dog. For the first time, the same dynamic blend of passive-aggressiveness and smothering indulgence, that unique alloy of infantilization and disingenuous manipulation that created generations of high-achieving Jewish boys and girls, can be applied to create a generation of high-achieving Jewish doggies.”

Written by the co-authors of the bestselling “Yiddish with Dick and Jane” and “Yiddish with George and Laura,” this essential guide is sure to be a complete howl.

2. Get your dog this Copa Judaica Chewish Treat Menorah Plush Dog Toy


3. Invite the pup into your dreidel games with this Multipet Dreidel Singing Dog Toy


4. And have a ball tossing your best friend these Copa Judaica Tennis Balls


5. Teach Rover the artistic beauty of the bagel and schmear with this Plush Bagel and Cream Cheese Pet Toy


6. Spread the love of Hanukkah’s oily delights with this I Love You a Latke Pet Shirt


7. Advertise her position in the celebration and your household with this Hanukkah Princess Dog Tee


8. Get the canine Hanukkah party started with this Plush Dreidel Hat


9. AND save yourself a trip from the fire department with this Plush Menorah Hat


10. Fido’s a bit on the Frum side? Get this Put on Your Yarmulke Chanukah Dog T-Shirt


11. Or keep it casual with a Happy Chanukah Dog Hoodie


12. Too much canine kvetching? Get this Oy Vey! Dog Shirt


13. You know he’s a good doggie and a good Jew – get yourself a copy of Spoiled Rotten Pets: Bark Mitzvah


…and mark the day your doggie becomes a Jew!

Find How to Raise a Jewish Dog and all of these great products in our Jew it Up Store!

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