Funny Jewish T-Shirts for Father’s Day

Jewbacca T Shirt

Help the Dad in your life express the best part of his Jewishness without saying a word. These Jewish-themed t-shirts will be a hit with any man on Father’s Day, or any day! With something for every type of Dad, we’re here to help you find the perfect message for your man.

For the Nice Jewish Boy:

Everybody Loves a Nice Jewish Boy
Everybody Loves a Nice Jewish Boy T-Shirt available on Amazon.

For the Bagel Lover:

Bagel T-shirt

Year of the Bagel T-shirt available at Jewzo.

For the Star Wars Fan:

Jewbacca T-shirt
Jewbacca T-shirt available on Amazon.

For the Beer Drinker:

Maccabee BeerMaccabee Beer T-Shirt available at World of Judaica.

For the Martial Artist:

Jew Jitsu T-Shirt
Jew Jitsu T-shirt available at

For the Rock n’ Roller:

Guns n Moses T-shirt

Guns N Moses T-shirt available at Amazon.

For the Basketball Player:

Just Jew It T-Shirt
Just Jew It T-shirt available at Israeli-T.

For the Breaking Bad Fanatic:

Better Call Saul T-shirt
Breaking Bad Better Call Saul T-shirt available at Amazon.

For the Badass:

Jew Talkin to Me T-shirtJew Talkin’ To Me T-shirt available at Israeli-T.

For the Bacon Lover:

Jews for Bacon T-shirt

Jews for Bacon T-shirt available at Cafe Press

For the Techie:

Chai Tech T-shirt

Chai Tech T-shirt available at Zazzle.

For the Big Lebowski:

Shomer Fucking Shabbas T-shirt
Shomer Fucking Shabbas T-shirt available at Shalom Shirts.

For the Jewish Doctor:

Im a Jewish Doctor T-shirt

I’m a Jewish Doctor T-shirt available at Cafe Press.

For the Mensch:

Mensch T-shirt
Mensch T-shirt available at Rabbi’s Daughters.

For Zayde:

One Hot Zayde T-Shirtone_hot_zayde_t_shirt-r7a9ed769213d4c94a518dad90d253c55_804gr_324
One Hot Zayde T-shirt available at Zazzle.

And for the Super Jew:

Super Jew T-Shirt available at Amazon.

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