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Cool Custom Yarmulkes for Your Event – Jewtewb
If you are throwing a bar or bat mitzvah or wedding, every detail counts! Incorporate the theme or colors of your event into every aspect of your party – even the kippot for your service. You can order yarmulkes in any color and with a variety of trim choices to coordinate with the colors or theme of your event. Take it a step further and order yarmulkes embossed or printed with sports motifs, musical instruments, even your favorite candy or a picture.

If you love music, offer your guests music-themed yarmulkes for your service, like these available on Etsy:


Or if you play a particular instrument feature it on your kippot, like these Guitar Yarmulkes from A1 Skullcap Co.:

Guitar yarmulke

If you are planning a casino, nightclub or Las Vegas-themed event, offer your guests casino dice yarmulkes for your service. These are from BestKippah.com:


You can find yarmulkes for almost any sport, such as these fun lacrosse yarmulkes from A1 Skullcap:

lacrosse kippah

Or these basketball kippahs from Yarmulkes.com:

basketball kippah

These fun basketball yarmulkes are from A1 Skullcap:

basketball kippah

Best Kippah also offers a variety of embossed and printed kippahs, including this football kippah:

Football kippah

These yarmulkes embossed with palm trees and seashells from Yarmulkes.com would be perfect for both a beach themed event or a destination wedding:

palm tree yarmulke

seashell yarmulke

How fabulous are these New York City-themed yarmulkes from Best Kippah for a New York or Broadway-themed party:

New York kippah

These suede kippahs embossed with theater masks from Cool Kippahs would also be great for a Broadway or red carpet-themed event:

theater kippahs

This M & M kippah is great for a candy-themed event:

Candy kippah

Yarmulkes.com offers a kippah covered with the names of fashion designers that would be perfect for a fashion or runway-themed party:

fashion yarmulke

Yarmulkes.com even has yarmulkes printed with a picture:

Photo Kippah

Let the fun go to your head!


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