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Like Buttah – Jewtewb

Brisket is a great dish to serve before Yom Kippur begins, as it will fill you up for a long time!  The beauty of brisket is that you can’t mess it up – as long as it stays moist, you can keep cooking it, and it is usually even better after a day or two, when the flavors have time to meld.  You can also cook your vegetables along with the meat.  I use carrots, baby potatoes and onion, but you could add peppers as well.  I sometimes cook this the day before serving when I don’t have 4 – 5 hours to kill at home, let it sit in the fridge, then reheat on 300 for an hour or so before serving.


Super-Easy and Amazingly Delicious Brisket recipe:


Brisket (doesn’t matter if first or second cut, whichever).  Ask butcher how big depending on number of guests.  I have heard ¼ lb. to ½ lb. per person.
2 cans Manischewitz or Rokeach Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms
1 packet Lipton onion soup mix (or two if very large brisket)
Carrots (can be 4-5 large peeled and cut in chunks, or just use a bag of baby carrots)
Potatoes (again, 3-4 large peeled and cut in chunks, or simplify and just toss in a bag of baby potatoes)
Onion, sliced thinly

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Place brisket in large pan, sprinkle onion soup mix over brisket.  Lay onion slices atop brisket, spread carrots and potatoes all around brisket in pan.  It’s okay if they pile up, or lay on edges of brisket.  Pour tomato sauce and two cans of water over whole thing.

Cook uncovered for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 325.  Cover tightly with foil and cook covered for 4-5 hours until liquid cooks down and meat is very soft.  It should cut easily.  I take out occasionally and scoop the liquid up back over the meat to keep it moist.  Arrange in the center of a large platter in slices with carrots, potatoes and onion around the outside.  Looks great and it will be so tender it falls off of your fork!


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