Kosher Wines

This Passover we will not only celebrate our freedom from Egypt, but also our freedom from the mediocre Kosher wines of our past! While our beloved Manishewitz will always hold a special place in our hearts, and on our seder table, this year we may save it for the charoset. Wine Enthusiast has just rounded up their picks for the top Israeli Kosher wines and we can’t wait to start sampling.

The list features two top-rated selections from Golan Heights Winery, the 2010 Gilgal Syrah and 2012 Yarden Chardonnay. Rated at 90+, these wines will delight your Passover palates, as well as all year long!

large-Gilgal Syrah 2010

For a comprehensive list of wines with a full advanced search feature, check out Wine Enthusiast’s extensive online database at

Happy drinking!




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