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Club Theme Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ideas – Jewtewb

If your son or daughter loves to dance or is a party animal, consider a night club theme for your bar or bat mitzvah party. Adults will appreciate a cool lounge environment and fun drinks and kids will enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere.

Start by creating a logo to use in the various elements of your event, from custom postage stamps on your invitations to personalized papergoods at your party to the favors and giveaways at the end of the evening.

This club-themed logo is from Cutie Patootie Creations: Club logo

This dance-themed logo was created by Party Favorites: club logo

Send your guests this cool VIP Pass Invitation from Bar Mitzvah Cards: VIP pass invitation

This black and neon bar mitzvah invitation is from C’est Papier:

club invitation

This club-themed bat mitzvah invitation is available from Zazzle:

club invitation

Coordinate with custom postage like this dance party stamp from Zazzle:

club stamp

These VIP Pass escort cards by DG Invites were hung on lanyards:

Club escort cards

During your cocktail hour, offer drinks in funky LED martini glasses, like these featured on Boston Mitzvah Photographer:

Club glasses

For your decor, how awesome is this neon “slinky ceiling” from Jersey Street Furniture Rentals:

Slinky ceiling

And this translucent party decor was featured on Charming Chairs:

Club decor

This bar mitzvah featuring LED furniture was designed by Diana Gould:

Club decor

You can rent an LED dance floor from companies like Illumifloor, and turn any space into a night club:

Club floor

Hand out glow sticks and glow jewelry available from companies like Windy City Novelties:

glow sticks

For dessert, offer your guests cotton candy on LED cones, like these featured on B. Lovely Events:

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy

This amazing club mitzvah cake by Cake Expressions by Lisa that was featured in Charlotte Magazine emitted clouds of gas while slowly revolving on a turntable:

Club cake

And this beautiful cake is from Piece-A-Cake:

Club cake

Or instead of a cake, display cupcakes in an LED tower like this one from Signature Events:

LED cupcake tower

For favors, check out these cool “Club Paradise” sweatshirts available from The Image Maker:

Club favor

Or send your guests home with a personalized cd of your favorite party songs from Party 411:

club cds

Have your guests autograph a cool sign-in board like this one from Parties by Debi:

club sign in board

For more ideas and inspiration, see our Pinterest board for Club Theme Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ideas.


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