Wherever You Are Wandering this Passover, Take Along This Travel Folding Seder Plate

If you will be traveling on Passover or are just looking for a cool new Seder plate, we love thisĀ Hand-Painted Foldable Seder Plate from Yair Emanuel:

Emanuel Passover Seder Plate

It is beautiful enough for the fanciest Seder table, yet folds up to fit in any suitcase.

Made of wood, with a hand-painted design of flowers and birds on the outside and the “Seven Species of Israel motif – wheat, barley, pomegranates, dates, figs, olives, and grapes – with the name of the ingredient that goes in each respective dish on the inside.

Lacquered to create a shiny and durable waterproof finish. Dimensions when open: 29″ x 4.7″ x 1″; when closed: 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7”.

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