Do Up Your Photos With the Passover Shticker App

G-dcast has added Passover images to its fun “Shticker” app. “The Shticker” is an app that allows smartphone and tablet users to add Passover-themed “shtickers” to a new or existing photo.

Passover shtickers

The Passover shtickers include matzah, a seder plate, and baseball caps that read “Wise Son,” “Wicked Son,” “Simple Son” and “What?” There are also colorful Jewish stars, kippahs and Hebrew phrases.

Users can take a photo with the app or select a photo from their gallery, and add assorted “shtickers,” which can be moved around and resized. The blinged-out photos can then be saved, emailed, or uploaded to social media. is a San Francisco-based new media nonprofit dedicated to raising basic Jewish literacy through online videos, games and mobile apps. Visit for hours of playfully animated learning.

Some of their other Passover offerings include Exodus: A Jewish Photo Scavenger Hunt app, the Let’s Get Ready for Passover app, and The Passover Seder with the Four Sons animated short.

Download at Apple Store

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