Show the World Your Love … Or Keep it to Yourself

Who doesn’t love Hanukkah? Put these on and get yourself – and others – into the holiday spirit!

If it’s all about the chocolate for you, show everybody your true feelings with this comfy “I Love Hanukkah Gelt” tracksuit from Cafe Press:



100% cotton, sizes small through extra-large.

If you’re a more private person, keep your excitement to yourself (or maybe just a special other) with this “I Love Hanukkah” thong:


Only you’ll know that there’s a Hanukkah party in your pants!
Sizes small through large, ultra-fine cotton.

If you know a guy who really enjoys Hanukkah, get him this great This Guy Loves Hanukkah T-Shirt as a gift this year. You will light up his Festival of Lights for sure.


Sizes S – XXXXL, so he can enjoy all of the latkes and doughtnuts that he wants!

Find these items and more at our As Seen on Jewitup Store!

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