Make Tzedakah Fun!

Tzedakah Train

Start a new tradition in the New Year. Explain the concept of tzedakah to even your youngest kids, and make the experience fun and something they want to participate in by getting them their own cool tzedakah boxes.  Here are some examples:

Get your sports fan this ceramic Soccer Ball Tzedakah Box:

Soccer Ball Tzedakah Box

Even your littlest ones can participate with this wooden Tzedakah Box by Kidcraft:

Kidcraft Tzedakah Box

Or if he or she loves trains, this Handpainted Ceramic “Tzedakah Express” would be a perfect gift:

Tzedakah Train

Here is a set of 12 Make Your Own Pushke Boxes that would be great for a preschool or Hebrew school teacher:

Set of 12 Tzedakah Boxes

And has directions for making your own boxes from empty kleenex containers:

Kleenex Tzedakah Box

If you would like a book to explain the concept to your kids, try How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box: And Other Wonders of Tzedakah:

Wonders of Tzedakah Book

or Ten Tzedakah Pennies:

Ten Tzedakah Pennies

Both will appeal to even the youngest toddlers.

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