Initiate That New Member of the Tribe with These Great Jewish Baby Gifts

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It goes without saying that the easiest way to make yourselves a Jewish baby is definitely the old-fashioned way! But even if your offspring has the most authentic Jewish pedigree, there’s still room for Jew-provement. Whether spoiling your little one or as gifts for others, here are some of our fave ways to welcome that new member of the Tribe!

1. Wrap your newborn up in this Jewish baby blanket

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If you are looking for an heirloom-quality blanket for a formal ceremony or just want to display signs of your faith, these cute blankets are embroidered with various Jewish symbols.

Available at

2. When You unwrap it for his Bris, You’ll Need a special pillow!

Blue and White Bris PillowKeep him as comfy as possible with this blue and white Bris pillow from World of Judaica.

3. Choose a Chosen name

Check out all your choices in The Complete Book of Hebrew Baby Names:

Hebrew Baby Name Book

Or opt for a trendy name from our list of the most Popular Jewish Baby Names.

4. It’s never too early to start learning Hebrew.

Aleph Bet FloormatHebrew Alphabet Blocks

Get both this Aleph Bet Jumbo Foam Floor mat and these Uncle Goose Hebrew ABC Blocks. After all, your baby will no doubt be the smartest ever.

5. Make Torah Time Fun!

Plush Torah Toy

This Plush Soft Torah is perfect for little fingers.

6. Don’t forget a special kippah for that cute little keppe

Baby Kippah

Find cute baby yarmulkes here on Amazon.

7. And a tiny tallis for synagogue

Baby Tallit

We can’t stop kvelling over this adorable baby tallis from

8. Practice the prayers

Bencher for Baby

This Interactive Talking & Singing Bencher will instruct children how to recite the proper birkat hamazon.

9. And secure your Bar Mitzvah date stat!

Save the Date Onesie

Get this great Save the Date for My Bar/Bat Mitzvah onesie on Modern Tribe.

10. Congrats, your baby is officially Jewish!

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