Ideas and Inspiration for a Purim Dessert Table

Create a festive dessert table for your Purim celebration with colorful and bright treats for your guests. Offer a variety a desserts – at least 5 or 6 different items make for a nice selection. Your desserts don’t need to be complicated; rice krispie treats, cupcakes and a few different cookie choices will suffice. The wild riot of color makes a beautiful and appropriate presentation for this most joyous of holidays.

These rainbow-hued cake push-up pops from Joy of Kosher add color and whimsy to any table.

purim push up pops

You can order Cake Push Pop Containers online:

Push up pop container

As well as a Push Pop Container Stand to hold them:

Push pop stand

Rainbow Hamantaschen from Kitchen Tested are a fun take on the traditional Purim cookie:

Rainbow Hamantaschen

These Tie-Dyed Cookies from the Jewish Week are made from traditional black-and-white cookie dough, but food coloring is used to create the whimsical designs.

Purim cookies

Make your own cupcakes or just take store-bought ones and wrap them in these cute printable Purim cupcake wrappers:

Purim cupcake wrappers

And we love this Colored Popcorn from Cook Kosher:

colored popcorn

Serve the popcorn in individual colorful Triangle Silicone Reusable Baking Cups:

triangle baking cups

Set of 12, each measures 2.9 x 2.2 x 1.

You can also get Silicone Triangle Shape Cake Molds that are a larger size and use them to display cookies and candy:

large triangle molds

These Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies from Tablespoon are easy to make with prepared cookie dough mix:

rainbow pinwheel cookies

And we love these simple White Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows and Rice Krispy Treats featured on Catch My Party:

chocolate dipped marshmallows

chocolate dipped rice krispies

Just mix a few drops of food coloring into White Chocolate Candy Melts, put your marshmallows and/or rice krispie treats on lollipop sticks, dip and refrigerate. Beautiful!

How gorgeous are these Colored Candy Apples from Rose Bakes?

Colored candy apples

Put out a selection in a variety of bright hues.

These gingerbread Mardi Gras Mask Cookies from Tomkat Studio would also be perfect on a Purim table:

mask cookies

No prep required at all if you set out a container of these pareve Chocolate Grogger Lollipops from

Chocolate Grogger Lollipops

Or Chocolate Purim Masks like these from Edible Gifts Plus:

Purim chocolate masks

If you feel the need for a healthy dessert offering, set out a platter of rainbow-hued fruit kabobs like these from Ladybug For Girls:

rainbow fruit kabobs

Download the template for these great crown napkin rings from Joy of Kosher and use them to wrap up silverware in colorful napkins:

 crown napkin rings

Remember to vary the height of your dessert offerings. Use this Clear Acrylic Riser Set for a professional-looking presentation:

clearrisers The risers are 3, 4 and 5 inches.

For more recipes, see our Pinterest board for Purim Recipes.

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