Holiday Cards for Everybody

Jewish Family Card

Hanukkah may be over but the holiday season is in full swing. If you still need to send out some cards, here are a bunch – both paper and e-cards – that will bring a chuckle.

We love this vintage-inspired holiday card:

Anne Taintor Card

The inside says “Happy Whatever”.  Comes in a 10-pack.

Play it safe with this diplomatic card:

Holiday Card

Acknowledge a great Christmas tradition with this card from Cafe Press:

Christmas Card

As this card by Vash Designs shows, we all do end up there on Christmas Day:

Moses in Desert

Send some humor and “what ifs” with this Santa’s Jewish Card:

Santa Card

Or with this confused Santa card:

Jewish Family Card

If the holidays are just too much for you, send this “Oy to the World” card:

Oy to the World Card

Or this card depicting a “Negativity Scene”:

Negativity Scene

Imagine his workload with this card from Scout Mob:

Oy Vey Card

Better to send this card from Etsy late than never at all:

Late Hanukkah Card

No time to get to the post office?  Send a funny e-card:

Jesus ECard

And send some good cheer with this holiday e-card:

Santa ECard

And here is a bonus card – there is nothing Jewish about it, but it doubles as both greeting card and survival guide for the holidays. Enjoy!

Dysfunctional Family Card

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