Eight Other Miracles Involving Oil to Celebrate this Hanukkah

1. Apple Cider Sufganyiot with Salted Caramel from Chow

Apple Cider Sufganyiot with Salted CaramelSalted caramel in something fried. Yum.


2. Fabio


How is he so shiny? It is a miracle. Although according to this American Cancer Society poster, unlike the Maccabees, he does not like lighting up!


3. According to the White House, our domestic oil production



4. And lower gas prices!



5. These Celery Root Latkes with Pastrami and Pickles offer so much for a Jew, where to begin?


Fried potatoes, pastrami, and pickles, they are cause for much Jew-bilation!


6. Pro-Activ


He became People’s Sexiest Man Alive – and one of our picks for Hottest Jews in Hollywood – think what it could do for you!


7. Moroccanoil


For those of us with “Jewish hair,” this was a pre-keratin miracle.

8. Grease Cars

Oil Car

They run almost entirely on waste vegetable oil, and owners only have to fill up on diesel every couple of months. Imagine that!


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