Do We Like These Things? Discuss.

Here is Buzzfeed’s list of “32 Things Jewish Girls Can’t Resist.” We have to say, that’s a pretty good list.  Who can argue with bagels, Jewish geography, guacamole, hummus and pretzel chips, camp, diet coke … the list goes on.

Jewish Geography



A few may have age parameters – i.e., bandeaus and emojis are hopefully just for the younger set. We have a few of our own suggestions to add:

1. Keratin. Forget the straightening irons, just give yourself 4 – 6 months of great hair.

Photo: WebMD

Photo: WebMD

2. Scarves. For cold or for style, both urban hipster Jewesses and suburbanites alike cannot get enough of them.

Photo: Bloomingdales

Photo: Bloomingdales

3. Good jeans.  They do more for you than hours at the gym.

Photo: Bloomingdales

Photo: Bloomingdales

4. Spanx. For under the jeans, and everything else.

Photo: Spanx

Photo: Spanx

5. Mah Jongg.

Mah Jongg Set

It’s not just for Boca anymore. Everybody seems to be playing it these days, regardless of age.

6. Warm Weather.

Venice Beach

Florida, L.A., the Caribbean, Greece, and of course, Israel … it doesn’t matter, we all end up somewhere warm. Like Robin Williams says about Jews in “The Birdcage,” where there is sand …

7. Sweet Potato Fries. Because they are dark orange, we can ignore the fact that they are fried. They just seem healthier.

Photo: Food Network

Photo: Food Network

8. Nice Jewish Boys – we are being a little more selective, just the mensches.

2014 Calendar

9. Hillary. She’s smart, tough, speaks her mind, and has a closetful of nice pantsuits. She also seems to like us back!

Hillary Clinton

Photo: New York Daily News

10. Maybe it’s a stereotype, but we do like jewelry. It can be expensive, it can (sometimes) be cheap. We prefer the kind that sparkles, but we’ll take any of it.

Photo: That Bohemian Girl

Photo: That Bohemian Girl

Anything you feel is missing?  Comment and let us know!

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