Decorate a Passover Matzah House!

If you are looking for a fun project to do over Passover, make a matzah house! Just spread some melted chocolate or peanut butter over a small cardboard box or pieces of cardboard cut to fit your matzah, and decorate away. There are lots of kosher-for-Passover candies and dried fruits you can use for decorations.

This matzah house is from Martha Stewart:

matzah house

The house above uses some of our favorite Passover goodies – ring jels, fruit slices, macaroons and marshmallow twists.

This matzah house is from Lil Sugar:

matzoh house

And this matzah house is featured on Epicurious:

matzoh house

Have fun and use up your extra matzah, or buy additional matzah just to make one of these houses!

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