Chametz got you down? The No Chametz App will help!

No Chametz App From RustyBrick

Getting rid of that pesky chametz just got easier with the No Chametz app from RustyBrick. You can sell, search, and destroy your chametz while also brushing up on the Halachos.

No Chametz App from RustyBrick

Configured to use your local settings, the app will show you selling resources, the correct dates and times for this year’s Chametz deadlines,  as well as the necessary Brachot to recite.

The app also provides a checklist to help document your hidden chametz locations, so nothing is left behind.

Best of all, the app comes with a fully functional Chametz Light to aid in your search, which is not only easier to hold than the traditional candle, but also much less of a fire risk!

No Chametz App

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Available at Google Play

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