Book Club Pick (and Gift Idea!): The Top 10 Jewish …

Top 10 Jewish Book

If you’re looking for a gift for a reader or trivia buff, look no further than The Top 10 Jewish…!


This fun read contains over one hundred Top 10 lists of everything Jewish, including:

The Top 10 Jews Who Don’t Look Jewish
The Top 10 Jewish Prayers and Recitations
The Top 10 Jewish Foods
The Top 10 Most Famous Converts to Judaism
The Top 10 Jewish Stereotypes and Myths
The Top 10 Must-Know Yiddish Phrases
The Top 10 Jewish Pickup Lines
The Top 10 Jewish Movies
The Top 10 Jewish Things to Wear
The Top 10 Jews With Messianic Followings
The Top 10 Jewish Comedians
The Top 10 Jewish Bad Guys
The Top 10 Enemies of the Jews
The Top 10 Best Tasting Unkosher Foods

The list topics range from silly to serious, and the rankings are sure to entertain and cause lively discussion at your party or around the dinner table!

Also available on Amazon Kindle: The Top 10 Jewish….

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