Alternative Haggadahs for Passover

Maxwell House Coffee haggadahs getting a little ragged? Or are you looking for a new haggadah that aligns more closely with your worldview/dietary preferences/social media addictions?

If so, then check out Buzzfeed’s list of 13 Alternative Haggadahs to Brighten Up Your Passover Seder.

Whether you are a vegetarian:

Vegetarian haggadah

a Buddhist:

buddhist haggadah

or a hip-hop fan:

hip hop haggadah

There is a haggadah for everybody out there.

There is even a facebook-style haggadah for those who are addicted to the site, told through a series of facebook updates!

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  1. Ellen Zimmerman

    Awesome list, thanks! My blog post today talks about some Haggadahs I’ve reviewed . . . but I didn’t know about many of these to share. I’ll let our community know to check these out, too.

    1. jewitup

      Great! We love your site also. Please let us know about any new products you have for Passover, and we’d be happy to feature them here.

      1. Ellen Zimmerman

        Thanks for the offer! We’d love to feature our new Passover Seder Steps Follow-
        Along — the game/activity/learning resource for the whole family. It invites the whole family to walk through the 15 steps of the Seder together, and complements virtually any Haggadah.

        The version with 5 boards, 5 red pawns is available through; it’s also available digitally. More info here:

        We also have a no-panicking e-guide to help people put on a Seder, called “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder.”

        Let us know what info/pix we can share. Thanks!!

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