10 Ways to Show Your Excitement for Lag B’Omer


smiley faceExcited about Lag B’Omer? We are, too! Want to share your excitement about this mystical and miraculous day? Here are some great ways:

1. Smile!


Bonfires make you happy? Show the world with this sweatshirt from Zazzle.

2. Connect with old friends


Find these Lag B’Omer greeting cards for sale at Cafe Press.

3. Go on a picnic

Yogi Bear Picnic

No picnic will be complete without these Lag B’Omer outdoor fun and games!

4. Light a bonfire

keep calm and light bonfires

Check out our Lag B’Omer Bonfire essentials.

5. Make this dessert

marshmallows on pie

Get our recipe for S’mores pie!

6. Practice your aim


Looking to take up archery? Bows and arrows are a favorite part of the Lag B’Omer celebration. Head out to the woods and get shooting.

7. Get a haircut

Joey bowl haircut Friends

The haircut restriction during the Omer is lifted only on the 33rd day, so make sure you book your appointment!

8. Get married!

kim kardashian wedding

It is a popular custom to get married on Lag B’Omer, as it provides the first available date for a spring wedding. (Hopefully your marriage will last till Shavuot…)

9. Learn about Kabbalah

kabbalah for dummies

On Lag B’Omer we commemorate the mystical writings and teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Order a copy of Kabbalah For Dummies on Amazon and see for yourself what all of the hoopla is about.

10. And keep on counting that Omer…

count lag baomer


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